Lilly's Therapeutic Massage and Skin Care

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~Swedish Esalen-- $75.00
This supportive treatment offers full body/mind relaxation.  Swedish
massage utilizes a variety of strokes which are both calming and
stimulating to the nervous system.  Adding deep tissue techniques
that alleviate muscle tension, reduces stress and soothes tired muscles.

~Myofascial Release-- $80.00
Concentrating on specific areas of chronic muscle tension stretching
of muscle fibers removes restriction that impede efficient movement,
thus increasing energy flow and decreasing myofascial constriction and
the accompanying pain.

~Craniosacral-- $80.00
Taught by Dr. John Upledger.  Gentle manipulation of cranium and sacrum to enhance the tide-like flow of cerebral spinal fluid which increases the optimal functioning of the central nervous system. Relieves restrictions throughout the body.

Sports Massage-- $70.00
Post event massage helps to calm the nervous system and begin the
process of flushing toxins and waste products out of the body.  This
reduces recovery time, enabling the athlete to resume training sooner than rest alone would allow.

Shiatsu Bodywork-- $85.00
An old Chinese form of finger pressure along energy pathways called meridians, which correspond to our internal organs.  Releases emotional blocks.  Gentle stretches and acupressure release deep muscle tension and increase flexibility.

Lilly's Therapeutic Massage Services

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Massage Therapies  

Luxurious Foot Reflexology
Relieves stress--Heals
  • Soothing warm towels
  • Organic essential oils
  • De-aging creams and butters
  • Hot stones
  • $65.00

LaStone Massage Therapy

Using malachite and zinc mineral stones, this wonderful hot stone massage has many benefits:
Increases production of stress-fighting proteins, alleviates stress & fatigue, relief of muscular pain, increase blood circulation & oxygenation, boosts lymphatic circulation, eliminates toxins, balance energy level, rejuvenates skin & body.

And it feels wonderful.    $85.00